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Our raison d’etre, ethos and environmental commitment

Misfits inc. Studios is frankly an excuse to create artwork that we love and enjoy, if that appeals to others who like our sense of style and share our interest in all things awesome… then that would be totally cool as well 

Misfits inc Visual Creative Studios

Misfits inc. Studio is where we have all the fun & creativity happens. Print on demand is how we produce our stuff and fulfill our orders so we can get on with the aforementioned fun bit.

This helps us keep our focus on the creative side of things as well as significantly reduces our wastage. It means that we do not have the fastest turnaround but it does mean that our products are not mass-produced but made to order specifically for you. We do not have the advantage of economies of scale (business talk for cheaper by the truckload, or from India, China etc) but it does mean that we can handpick each product and supplier we work with which also means that we can work with the best and adapt fast as we learn new, more efficient and sustainable methods.

All this means for you is that there is no Amazon Prime and you will have to wait a few days to get your clobber… For us it means we aren’t likely to be the solution to a last-minute birthday present… although our wears are so good it would be worth the wait…

Misfits inc. are Committed to ethical treatment and the sustainability of our environment: Our planet is already knackered so we would really like you to learn from our mistakes and try to fix it... We are not pretending to be role models but our intentions are good… so just look after your stuff … anyway, we are trying… here’s how…

  • We source our products from those who show as much attention to their ethical and environmental commitment as we do.
  • Locally produced and printed in the UK or in the country of the recipient where possible.
  • Printed using environmentally responsible inks and processes.
  • Low carbon footprint.
  • Plastic-free packaging for the majority of our products.
  • We offer garments made from organic sustainable cotton.

At Misfits Inc, we pride ourselves on being as environmentally friendly as possible with our products.

Misfits Inc.

misfit/ˈmɪsfɪt/nounplural noun: misfits

  1. A person whose behavior or attitude sets them apart from others in an uncomfortably conspicuous way. “A motley collection of social misfits” Similar: fish out of water – a square peg in a round hole.
  2. Nonconformist – eccentric – maverick – individualist – deviant – exception – an outsider – oddball -odd fish -weirdo – freak – screwball – kookie – an outcast
  3. ARCHAIC something that does not fit or that fits badly.

inc/ abbreviation for incorporated ‘incorporated/ɪnˈkɔːpəreɪtɪd/See definitions in:AllCommerceLawadjective

  1. (of a company or other organization) formed into a legal corporation.

Inc. is the abbreviation for incorporated. An incorporated company, or corporation, is a separate legal entity from the person or people forming it. Directors and officers purchase shares in the business and have responsibility for its operation. Incorporation limits an individual’s liability in case of a lawsuit.

There is nothing legal about our “Inc” it's just something to put after “Misfits” that sounds cool and inclusive… actually it's short for inclusive not incorporated… although it is really short for incorporated… just don’t sue us for anything and everything stays gravy…

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